USTA partners with the FMCSA's Our Roads, Our Safety Campaign

USTA is honored to now be accepted, included and a Partner of the Our Roads, Our Safety FMCSA campaign for 2019-2020. Not only are we stakeholders but Mike Landis and Ingrid Brown are honored to be two out of the three active drivers on the campaign committee at this time. We appreciate OOIDA’s Dick Tingle being the third driver.
This campaign is solely to educate the general public and with refreshers to CMV drivers the daily simple steps on how to maneuver Safely around CMV's, Buses, Cyclists and Personal vehicles. The way this will work is for all if us to get involved and go viral with the word!! 
There's more to come with this partnership in the next month so stay tuned and reach out to those who are 15-95 yrs old and let's educate for our safety!

Marcus Sommers