USTA responds to UPS exemption request

The Board and committee members of United States Transportation Alliance (USTA) strongly stand opposed of any and all exemptions being requested by United Parcel Service (UPS).

USTA Board Members were in attendance at the Transportation and Infrastructure hearing, "Under Pressure: The State of Trucking in America" on June 12, 2019 held in Washington DC. It was stated that the one goal to achieve is a zero fatality accident rate. With that goal in mind, USTA believes that it is essential there be NO exemptions granted involving the Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) 2020 standard. FMCSA provides equal opportunity for all registered motor carriers being non-union or union to meet this standard.

The Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) 2020 standard, released in December 2016, has given companies ample time to review and adjust their policies to be in full compliance by the February 7, 2020 implementation date. The undue burden of registering each of the UPS training facilities is a common burden shared throughout the entire industry.

USTA believes the FMCSA ELDT 2020 standard is a necessary step to improving safety on our nation’s highways. We fully support and promote this area of the ELDT 2020 standard. USTA asks that FMCSA not allow any exemptions to the guidelines that have already been set.

United States Transportation Alliance (USTA) encourages the trucking industry and the general motoring public to be proactive in this safety initiative by leaving your comments at Docket No FMCSA-2019-0139, starting June 19, 2019.

Marcus Sommers