Brian Brase

Director of Public Affairs / Cyber-security Chairman
United States Transportation Alliance - Co-Founder

Growing Up

I grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in an area famous for its beautiful country side and Horse drawn carriages. Both my father and my step father drove trucks during my childhood and I would spend the summer months every year riding along starring out the window of a long hood Peterbilt. The trucking industry has been a part of my life since I was born.

Early Adulthood

After high school I went on to work many different odd and end jobs. I became a roadie for various touring companies and met the love of my life. Being out on tour put a huge strain on my relationship, so I quit touring and came home. Still working various jobs in the area I eventually became a Life Guard Instructor. Feeling like I wasn’t getting anywhere and needing to make more money, I ran off to the Army.

Army Life

Now married with 3 children. And looking to make life changes I joined the Army and became a private in the Infantry. Throughout my time in the Army I was put into different leadership roles and eventually in charge of a fire team. I began training young soldiers on various war fighting tactics, this put me back in a truck. While training for convoy operations I fell in love with trucks all over again. Nearing the end of my Army Career I began writing and presenting training programs and briefings to leaders. Doing this has taught me the importance of being accurate and to the point. Briefing Army leaders has given me the confidence needed in speaking to anyone.

Let’s go Trucking

Now out of the Army, I decided to go Trucking. I started my personal driving career with A Mega Fleet company out of Iowa. I went through that companies in house CDL school. It was the beginning of my fight for this Industry at the same time. From the time I was just a Child riding shot gun with my father in his truck to now as an Army Veteran, the industry had done a complete 180 degree turn around. I was very disappointed to see that students who couldn’t conduct basic Trucking task were given their CDL. Once out on the road I saw how the company treated the drivers like a number and didn’t care for the general well being of it’s drivers. Disappointed in the way the industry had become over the years, I decided to jump into the fight for our industry head first.


Mad at what was going on, I contacted a childhood friend of mine and began discussing how different the industry was since we were kids riding with our fathers or grandfathers in their truck. That’s when he told me about the fight that’s been going on, and I tagged along in December 2017 to the State Capital for a press conference. From that point it was on for myself to try and make a difference. Today we have created and organization that is focused on fighting for drivers and speaking with the various agency’s involved in the rule making process. I am committed to actively lobbying for our industry and doing what it takes to get the job done.

Brian Brase