Frequently asked questions

Q:  Why do you ask for donations and charge for memberships?

A: The work that we are doing to this point has been paid for solely by the founding members. We take the time to do this away from our businesses and have to cover lodging and travel expenses. As this fight is ongoing, we intend to be here for all in the industry to depend on, and to take their concerns to those who create and enforce the laws and rules that govern our industry. This is a very costly undertaking and we appreciate any donations. Membership fees and donations will be used to offset the financial burden.


Q:  What is this organization doing for the industry?

A: We visit Washington D.C. on a monthly basis to meet with law makers and the FMCSA. We have built a working relationship with the FMCSA to bridge the gap between drivers and the FMCSA to promote better understanding of how the rules and regulations affect those who have to work under them, and to be involved in future rule making processes.