Ingrid Brown

Chairman of Corporate Relations & Safety Education
United States Transportation Alliance - Board Member

I am Ingrid Brown.
I reside in Boone, NC/Bristol, TN. I am 57 yrs old, and have 40 years in trucking as of Dec 5, 2019. I currently have 4.1 million safe miles driven. I am an Independent, solely owned Owner Operator, solo running 48 states under my own authority. I currently pull a cow wagon, reefer, conestoga and step deck.

I started in trucking with my Daddy's Road Construction; moving equipment, asphalt tankers and dump trucks. I served our country as a US Marine from 1981-1984. My first truck was a new needle nose 1979 Diamond Reo with a 318 Detroit. I now own a 2017 389 Peterbilt with custom paint.

During my career, I have been blessed with safety awards from Women in Trucking. As well; I serve as one of five, on their Inaugural Image Team, working with Government and other sources within the industry.

I was blessed as well, through the contact of Women in Trucking, to be featured and placed on the cover of USA TODAY in the Money Section on 3-12-2019. I am representing not only women, but men, and in that the equality along with the positive of our industry. In this positive I became a single voice in DC many years ago, and have chose to share my experience, not my advice. Because, if I haven't lived it, I have not a clue of the true meaning of what can happen in this industry. Experiences ranging from the change of HOS, to licensing, to AI (artificial intelligence), all in 40 years. I've seen plenty, but we have to find the positive in every negative, and do the work to do so!

In March of 2019, I became Chairman of Corporate Relations and Safety Education with United States Transportation Alliance (USTA). I look forward to working with this elite team of professionals and members, that strive to improve the transportation industry from the inside out.

My heart is in supporting charities, and I belong to many in the trucking industry, as well as nationally and in my home community. The many things I've been blessed with I never went looking for, they found me. Why I ask often, but I then stop to realize once again none of this is about Ingrid, it's about each of you. I'm only a vessel to help carry the load and tell the story.

Thank you for being here, along with the fellowship and desire to make difference ... In a Positive way!

Ingrid Brown

Just Remember my steering wheel doesn't know the gender that holds it, it only cares I get it to my destination safety!!!