Michael Landis

Chief Executive Officer
United States Transportation Alliance - Founder

I was born Sept. of 1985 in Lititz, PA. I was raised and now reside in the same town, only a few houses down from where I grew up. Situations beyond my control forced me to have to 'grow up' quicker than most children. What I once felt was an unfair childhood curse, has turned out to be more of a blessing in adult life.

My family roots in trucking, racing, and gear heads in general has paved the way for where I am today. At a young age I was taught how to turn a wrench, fix things, and the value of a strong work ethic by my grandfathers and father. As a teenager I raced motocross, the most physically and mentally demanding sport in the world. It takes training and perseverance to another level. It also kept that mechanical knowledge flowing. At 13 I could rebuild an engine on my own. As a junior in high school I found myself not living at home anymore. My strong will to do things, beyond what most 17 year old kids would do, and a hard-headed attitude, was driving a wedge between my father and myself. I became a TIG welder building music sets for the biggest names in the music industry. Working before school in the mornings, and well into the night after school to support racing and myself. I didn't know it at the time but that experience would teach me things that have become extremely useful for me today. Throughout all of this I never lost my love of trucks or the yearning to wheel them down the highway.

As a third generation truck driver, it was inevitable, that within two months of graduating high school I found myself at the local vo-tech school learning how to drive a truck. I had spent years as a kid riding with my father over the summer, and finally it was my turn at the wheel. My first driving job was delivering feed to local farmers, then hauling live chickens, and then picking up milk at the farms. These types of driving taught me more than one could imagine on how to handle a truck. The time came to start over the road and I found myself pulling flatbed around the country. My 21st birthday was spent crossing state lines for the first time, legally, and not sitting in a bar. Once again, my will to want and do more, showed up. At 21, I cashed in savings bonds my grandfather intended for college, and bought my first truck. I worked on it for a few months to get it road ready, and in April of 2007 started an adventure that as it seems, will never end. I became an owner operator, and 11 years later Landis and Sons Trucking, is still going strong.

I am now coming up on 14 years and almost 2 million miles of a trucking career, a safe one too I might add. I've pulled just about every kind of trailer and freight there is. The mechanical and welding techniques I learned as a young man, have helped keep me afloat. I've rebuilt my truck engines, stretched my frames, and have the ability and know how to fix just about anything I've needed to. It can be an up and down industry at the drop of a hat, especially for a small business owner like myself. I like to keep that old school perseverance alive, and refuse to back down. In a world of "I can't" and "it's too hard" or "someone needs to do it for me", I like to still be a 'crusader' so to speak, and get the job done. I guess that's why I still truck in a cabover coast to coast.

This industry becomes a passionate lifestyle, as cliche' as that may sound, it's the truth. It runs in your blood, especially when it's a family tradition of sorts. It keeps a roof over my families head, keeps them fed and clothed, as well as yours. It has allowed me to meet many great people, and can be very rewarding. It hurts to see such a once great industry in such despair.

My goal is to try and help fix the over regulation in this industry, the abuse of power over drivers, and to bring back some of the pride in the industry. We have been bowled over by government overreach, and companies taking advantage of us for far too long. We need a voice, someone to stand up, so once again that will to want and do more has showed up. With the help of a few other like minded individuals, we are here to fight for an industry and it's drivers that we love. Hence my vision, the United States Transportation Alliance was born. Remember, without trucks America stops!

Mike Landis