Timothy Siedschlag

Vice President
United States Transportation Alliance - Co-Founder

Tim was born in LaMoure, ND in 1960, the oldest in his family. Together with his father he farmed and attended school. At 13 he received his learners permit, then at 14 obtained his first license. Drivers licenses were issued at early ages due to the fact everyone needed to be able to drive on the farm. At 17 I tested and received my bus license, and drove school bus during my senior year of high school, as well as during my 4 years of college. While attending North Dakota State College of Science, I studied Diesel Mechanics, Ag Equipment Maintenance, and Music Education. While in college in 1978 I also tested and received my chauffeurs license. I then returned to the family farm.

In 1981, I married my first wife and had a son. I continued to farm and do custom work with my father. The early 80's were a tough time on the farm, so to try to earn extra money, I started my own custom harvesting crew. I did the harvest run from Southern Oklahoma to Northern North Dakota from 1981 to 1993. During the winter and spring I would drive truck over the road to keep everything moving. In 1993 I reentered college where I met my second wife, and we have two daughters along with my son, and our three grandchildren.

I started out in cabovers when driving over the road, as they were easy to get into tight places with. Team running was the practice of the day with young and inexperienced drivers, and the first three years I saw many miles running team. I started out with flatbeds working for old names like Ligon Nationwide, Inway Nationwide, and LaMoure Building Material. I was at May Transportation pulling reefers and vans for a short time, and Gentzkow Trucking hauling livestock, before going back to stepdecks and heavy haul. In 1997 I was hired by Bobcat Company as a truck driver pulling flats and vans, and stayed there 12 years earning several awards. It was during this time I broke my 4 million mile achievement, as well as 2 million safe driving miles. After leaving Bobcat I purchased my current truck, and have pulled heavy haul as an owner operator for Reliance Transportation, Diamond, and Valley Express Specialized where I am currently leased on doing heavy haul. At present I am around the 5 million mile safe driving mark. I was born into this as a third generation truck driver, taking after my grandfather, 5 uncles, and now passing the torch to my own son, the fourth generation.

Trucking is a lifestyle. Promoting safety, as well as a positive outlook to the industry is foremost while assisting others who are just learning. Passing forward a positive aspect of this industry is my goal. Working with the rest of the board members to promote our Mission Statement in its entirety will be the result.

Tim Siedschlag